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11 Compounds Flooded In Sare Samba-Simaly

Another heavy down pour of rain causes serious floods and destruction of valuable properties across the country, especially Upper River Region including the village of  Sare Samba Simaly  in Central River Region recently.

The affected  family  heads includes  Nfally Baldeh , Bocarr Baldeh , Keita Baldeh, Baidy Baldeh, Pateh Sabally, Ousman Jawo ,Juta Baldeh ,lalaman Badleh, Dawda Baldeh, Sare Baldeh ,Alieu sowe

Speaking to The Voice Nfally Baldeh, the village Alkalo confirmed flood destroyed many compounds in the village and gave list of those said to be affected.

“It starts to rain around 9 pm and lasted up 6am in the morning, when many houses begin to collapsed as a result of the rain.

Keita Baldeh a teacher at Bakoteh Lower Basic School said he received early in the morning from the village informing him about the incident and thank god that no life was lost.

The teacher described road conditions of the area as one of the biggest challenges and the need for government to intervene to life better for people of the area

Another victim called Mr Sabally pointed out what he called difficulties faced by women during rain seasons and expressed the need for swift intervention of the government, NGOs and others

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